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Copan Coffee Tour only whiy DaniloAmaroy EXTRA Cofé ® 


you can take to the Owner of DANILO AMAROY EXTRA COFÈ  ® and he will explan you his Coffee Story  Amaroy Cofè

Complete your vacation with this half day tour

We invite you to learn more about shade grown coffee, a traditional and environment friendly method of growing coffee beans. Just a short trip from Copán Ruinas, Finca Santa Isabel offers a once in a lifetime experience. We pride ourselves on preserving the ecosystem that our coffee has become a part of.

Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour

Your tour begins high in the mountains, at the plant nursery where young plants are nurtured until they are ready to become a part of the Finca. From here you will wander down the well groomed trails that meander through the lush, green foliage of the rainforest canopy.

You will be awestruck by the breathtaking beauty of the tropical rainforest and be able to observe the abundant bird and butterfly populations.

Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour Copan_Cofee_Tour

We will show you the growing, harvesting, and processing from bean to cup. Conventional, “modern” cofe plantations are encroaching on wildlife habitats all across the Americas, significantly reducing songbird populations.

Using the traditional shade grown coffee methods offers a promising alternative, that benefits the environment as well as producing a better tasting coffee due to the natural sugar content of the soils.

Shade grown cofe yields a healthier bean, because chemical fertilizers are rarely used or needed. This non use of chemicals also provides a flourishing bird habitat and greater biodiversity, which sustains the rainforests.

Shade grown coffee fincas support over150 species of birds, so don’t forget your camera. You will have ample opportunity to observe birds, butterflies, plants, trees, medicinal herbs used by the locals, and maybe even some of the furry wildlife that thrive in this amazing tropical jungle.

his easy hike may dampen you, but not your appetite... Your lunch break will give you the opportunity to enjoy typical Honduran food and drink in the tranquility of the natural surroundings in our rustic, but comfortable ranch.

Next, you will take a short trek to the processing facilities where you will find very modern and efficient equipment that gets the beans ready for sun drying.

After the drying process is complete, a special climate controlled storage area allows coffee to mature into a woderfully mellow bean.

Your final destination is the roasting plant. The aroma of roasting coffee will dazzle your senses. It is here the magic takes place. Finca Santa Isabel uses time honored roasting techniques specific to each coffee blend, which combine temperature and time. This process produces the “mediumdark“ grade that is best suited to Honduran highlands coffee.

Of course, since coffee is best consumed as soon as possible after the roasting process, filling orders is strictly on a demand basis. coffee is inmediately packaged in specifically designed bags to prevent introduction of oxigen and maintain moisture, then rushed to the customer. This attention to freshness allows a perfectly brewed cup of cofe... Enjoy!! 

CEO Mr. Danilo Amaroy Extra Coffee Ltd. Honduras AMAROY ExtraCoffee®

Skype :  danilo.amaroy


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